A Canticle for Leibowitz Summary and Analysis: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapters 16-17

Walter M. Miller Jr.

Summary and Analysis: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapters 16-17

Benjamin stands at the edge of the mesa watching Dom Paulo approach, then scampers down to the bottom of the mesa to await the encounter. When he sees Dom Paulo with the goat, he brusquely rejects Dom Paulo’s offer to return the goat. Dom Paulo apologizes for having gone five years without seeing Benjamin, and Benjamin reminisces about what he claims to be an encounter with Francis six centuries ago. He adds that he buried Francis and comments on Dom Paulo’s sick appearance. The two climb up the mesa to Benjamin’s dwelling, which is a single room walled by rocks. A sign in Hebrew by the door reads, “Tents Mended Here.” After some conversation about the sign, Dom Paulo turns the discussion to Taddeo...

(The entire section is 750 words.)