illustration of a ghost standing behid an iron fence with its arm raised against a large mansion

The Canterville Ghost

by Oscar Wilde

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Student Question

What event happened after the funeral in The Canterville Ghost, and who objected to it?

Expert Answers

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After the funeral two events occur, the chief of which is Virginia's marriage to the Duke of Cheshire. First, however, Lord Canterville insists that Virginia keep the magnificent heirloom jewels the ghost gave her, including a sixteenth-century ruby necklace from Venice. The only person to object is Mr. Otis, who, as a good, down-to-earth and practical American, believes the jewels are a ridiculous European extravagance. Virginia herself would rather have the box the jewels came in, but she does accept the jewelry.

The other event after the funeral is Virginia's wedding to the Duke of Cheshire, where she becomes the Duchess of Cheshire. Afterwards, Virginia wears the Canterville jewels, including a tiara, when she is presented to the Queen. Everyone is charmed by the jewels, as they are by Virginia's marriage, except for Mr. Otis, who objects to his daughter becoming an aristocrat with a title, as he fears she will lose her all-American "Republican" virtues, and except for the Marchioness of Dumbleton, who had been hoping the Duke of Cheshire would marry one of her seven daughters. Mr. Otis does come around to be proud of his daughter on her wedding day, leaving the Marchioness as the only person with any objections.

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