The Canterbury Tales Topics for Further Study
by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales book cover
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Topics for Further Study

(Poetry for Students)

  • Have your own storytelling contest. Make sure that each participant tells two stories, since Chaucer originally intended each traveler to tell one story on the way to Canterbury and one on the way back home.
  • Assign people from your class to play the parts of storytellers from The Canterbury Tales and have them describe to one another an experience they have had in the twenty-first century. Vote on the stories that were the best and talk about why.
  • Find out what kind of food these pilgrims would have eaten when they stopped at inns on their trip, and try making some of it.
  • Using words found throughout the text of The Canterbury Tales, try to translate a favorite song into Middle English.
  • Write an essay explaining how these tales are or are not like the urban folk legends that are constantly circulated on the Internet.