The Canterbury Tales Sir Thopas's Tale Quiz

Sir Thopas's Tale is about a knight, also called "Sir Thopas," and his pursuit of the elf-queen. Be sure you understand why Sir Thopas desires the queen and the result of his quest by taking the quiz over this tale in Geoffrey Chaucer's classic work The Canterbury Tales from eNotes.

  1. Why does the Narrator stop telling the the tale of Sir Thopas?

  2. True or False: Melibeus rejects all advice and exacts revenge on his enemies

  3. What does the giant who arrest Sir Thopas say he will do if Sir Thopas does not leave immediately?

  4. True or False: Sir Thopas finds so many women worthy he finds it impossible to select just one

  5. Upon whom does Sir Thopas decide to focus his love?