The Canterbury Tales Overview Quiz

eNotes' The Canterbury Tales Overview Quiz covers a range of tales and characters from Chaucer's beloved collection. Test your knowledge of the stories from the Miller, the Reeve, the Wife of Bath and more, with one helpful quiz below.

  1. What animal comes to listen to the Chanticleer's songs?

  2. The Wife of Bath claims that more than anything, women seek:

  3. What is January, the Italian knight in "The Merchant's Tale," eager to do?

  4. Which character is branded by a hot poker?

  5. What special animal appears in the Squire’s Tale?

  6. What is the purpose of the pilgrims’ journey?

  7. How many husband's does the Wife of Bath say she's had?

  8. Which pilgrim carries a Latin-inscribed brooch that reads, “Love Conquers All”?

  9. In "The Miller's Tale," with what is the character Absalom obsessed?

  10. What objects does Scornful Simkin, in "The Reeve's Tale," always have with him