The Canterbury Tales The Franklin's Tale Quiz

The Franklin tells the story of two lovers who have decided to have an equal marriage, a very unorthodox decision. Be sure you understand the challenges the pair face by taking the quiz over this tale in Geoffrey Chaucer's classic work The Canterbury Tales from eNotes.

  1. The knight says he will never be jealous or try to command his wife so long as she does what?

  2. How does Arveragus respond when he finds out about the deal between his wife and Aurelius?

  3. When does Dorigen say she will become Aurelius's love?

  4. Why does Arveragus say he must go to London for a year or more?

  5. True or False: The magician forgives Aurelius's remaining debt

  6. True or False: Dorigen is joyful when left to her own devices after Arveragus's departure