The Canterbury Tales The Canon Yeoman's Tale Quiz

The Canon Yeoman tells a two-part story. The first section concerns his master, who is an untrustworthy alchemist. The second section is also about an alchemist, this one even more of a con artist than the first. Be sure you understand the shady practices of these shysters by taking the quiz over this tale in Geoffrey Chaucer's classic work The Canterbury Tales from eNotes. 

  1. True or False: The Yeoman says that he has occasionally seen his master be successful in his attempts at alchemy

  2. What special skill does the yeoman say his master possesses?

  3. What tips Harry Bailey off that the alchemist may be a fraud?

  4. What does the canon take from the priest in exchange for his "magic" formula?

  5. Why is the yeoman's skin so damaged?