The Canterbury Tales 17: The Squire's Tale Questions and Answers
by Geoffrey Chaucer

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17: The Squire's Tale Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What element is inserted in The Squire's Tale that is not present in any of the others?

2. What is the probable theme of this tale?

3. What elements of the romance are present in this fragment?

4. What type of tale is the falcon's story intended to imitate?

5. What gifts does the mysterious knight bring Cambiuskan?

6. Describe the magical properties of each of the gifts.

7. Who has sent the strange knight?

8. What event is being celebrated when the bearer of gifts enters?

9. Why does the Host invite the Squire to tell a love story?

10. What is the Franklin's opinion of the Squire?

1. This tale has Oriental or exotic qualities.

2. Ideal love prevails.

3. Noble characters, ideal womanhood, and elements of magic and the supernatural are romantic elements of this fragment.

4. The falcon's story imitates a beast fable.

5. The mysterious knight brings Cambiuskan a brass horse,
a sword, a ring, and a mirror.

6. The horse can take the King anywhere and it can fly. The ring enables its wearer to understand the language of birds. The sword can cut through armor and wounds inflicted with this sword can be healed only with the touch of this sword. The mirror enables Canace to know the heart of any man who courts her.

7. The King of Arabia and India has sent the knight.

8. Cambiuskan's birthday is the celebrated event.

9. In the General Prologue, the Squire is described as a young lover. As such, he should be able to tell an apt love story.

10. The Franklin admires the Squire's learning and language greatly.