illustration of a clergyman with Canterbury cathedral behind him

The Canterbury Tales

by Geoffrey Chaucer

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10: The Monk's Tale Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What kind of a wife does the Host have?

2. How does the description of Harry Bailley's married state fit in with the theme of many of the tales?

3. What is the Host's opinion of the clergy?

4. How does the Monk respond to the teasing of the Host?

5. What is the theme of The Monk's Tale?

6. From what sources are the examples drawn?

7. The Monk's Tale is not actually a story. What is it?

8. List three of the 17 notable figures described in this section.

9. Against what is the Monk warning the listeners?

10. Why must the listeners not trust in these things?

1. She is ill-tempered; she is big and strong.

2. Harry's wife is in control; he is very anxious to please her. This situation is repeated often in the tales, particularly in The Wife of Bath's Tale.

3. The Host sees them as lecherous and dishonest. He also feels that many of the best potential fathers are joining the Church.

4. The Monk responds patiently; he does not seem upset.

5. The theme of the tale centers on tragedies that have befallen great figures.

6. The Monk uses sources from history, the Bible, and myths as the basis for what he says.

7. It is a long recitation giving examples of the tragedies mentioned.

8. All 17 notable figures are noted in the summary on the previous page.

9. He warns against trusting in fame and fortune.

10. They are fleeting; they will last only a short time.

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