The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

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22: The Canon's Yeoman's Tale Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. In what way is the prologue to this tale different from others in The Canterbury Tales?

2. What is alchemy?

3. By whom was alchemy practiced and why was its practice confined to this group?

4. Why is The Canon's Yeoman's Tale different from the other tales?

5. About what does the Canon's Yeoman seem to be in conflict?

6. What angers the pilgrim Canon? What does he do because of his anger?

7. Describe the two tricks the alchemist employs to dupe the priest in the tale.

8. What is always the outcome of alchemy?

9. According to the Canon's Yeoman, what keeps people
involved in the practice of alchemy?

10. What physical disfigurement have the experiments caused the Canon's Yeoman?

1. It contains action; the Canon and his Yeoman ride up to join the travelers.

2. The attempt to...

(The entire section is 264 words.)