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Canterbury Tales Medieval Project - Tabloid

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The Canterbury Tales Medieval Tabloid Project Instead of reading the typical tales that are published within the Language Arts Literature book, I have devised a plan to engage the students within the whole text of “The Canterbury Tales.” Each student will receive their own tale from The Canterbury Tales. The assignment also allows for the students to practice Expository Writing, utilize Microsoft Publisher and demonstrate knowledge of the Medieval Time period. The teacher should assign each student a tale from “The Canterbury Tales” based on reading abilities (if it is a college prep class, maybe do a random drawing of tales). Prior to reading, the students should be informed that when done with the reading assignment, they will each have to write an Expository Article on the tale itself, an article that would be found in a newspaper or tabloid. Be sure to review the basis for Expository Writing. Each student should be given a good amount of time to read his/her specific tale and of course to jot down notes regarding the story. In the past, I have always completed one class period tutorial on Microsoft Publisher; things such as how to type in it, how to move it, how to lay it out, etc. I have a journalism background, so this has been helpful to my presentation of Publisher. You also want to make sure you have computer availability – I was able to use the computers for about one week in order for the students to layout their tabloid. Students have the choice of working alone on the tabloid, or working with a partner/group. If working with a partner/group each person is responsible for his/her individual tale, at least one of the specific requirements (unless there are only two people then each person would have two specifics), and then an extra (see requirements). If a student is working alone, he/she is responsible for his/her individual tale, all of the specific requirements, and any extras. Continue to remind the students that the article they compose is specifically on the tale itself. Not on the person telling the story or the setting of the pilgrimage. It is basically like the plot of the tale is a news story and it is being reported.