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In which parts of the book is El Cid portrayed as honorable and respected?

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There are many places where El Cid is considered to be honorable and respectable, primarily after the king pardons him. One key scene is the one in which people are admiring his beard. The respect and admiration they show El Cid shows his honorable status in society. And when El Cid ensures the princes are punished for attacking his daughters, it is clear that he is an important and respected figure.

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The Spanish knight called El Cid was banished by King Alfonso VI. After this, El Cid became determined to restore his honor and be respected by the king again. He goes on to show a lot of strength on the battlefield and wins many great victories.

It takes a while for El Cid to prove his worth to the king. At last he is victorious in Morocco and sends the king the Moroccan’s tent as a gift. This gesture convinces the king to pardon him. The king also asks that El Cid’s daughters marry his sons. After this decision there is a huge celebration. This is a scene where El Cid is honored and respected by others. In particular, consider how the people at the feast are amazed by El Cid’s long beard. It is as if through admiring his beard they are admiring his strength.

El Cid is also visibly respected when the princes are on trial for attacking his daughters. The princes are told to return gifts like El Cid’s sword, and they have to give El Cid property and horses as reparations. The way that El Cid ensures the princes pay the price for what they did shows that he is an honorable and respected figure.

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