Chapter 6 Summary

Chapter 6 finds Doc on a collecting expedition. Located on the "tip of the Peninsula," the Great Tide Pool is a marvelous spot for gathering specimens. When the tide goes out, the sea floor reveals its formerly hidden bounty: crabs, starfish, mussels, snails, eels, and others all scurry about looking for cover or for an easy meal.

The reality of nature is not sugar-coated nor is it studied without judgment. An octopus is described as a "creeping murderer" with "evil goat eyes" who attacks his prey "Coldly...ferociously...savagely." The world of the sea is no more kind or cruel than the world of men, it seems. Here on "life and riches...death and digestion...decay and birth, burden the air."

Doc is not...

(The entire section is 640 words.)