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Chapter 15 Summary

“How Candide killed the brother of his beloved Cunégonde”

The commandant will never forget the day the Bulgars raided his father’s castle and he saw his parents killed and his sister raped. When the Bulgars finally left the castle, Cunégonde was gone. The commandant was in a cart with other butchered bodies from the castle, including his parents’, and taken away to be buried in a Jesuit chapel. One of the Jesuits threw some holy water on the bodies; it was salty and it made the commandant’s eyes twitch. The Jesuit noticed the movement and rescued the boy. Within three weeks, the commandant was healed and had no trace of injury.

He was always a handsome boy and grew even more handsome over time; Reverend Father Croust began to feel a “tender friendship” for him and gave him the robes of a novice. Soon after, he was sent to Rome. The Jesuit fathers of Paraguay do not like to hire Spanish Jesuits, so a German Jesuit was in demand. He and two others soon started their journey to Paraguay, and upon his arrival the young baron was appointed a subdeaconship and a lieutenancy. Now he is a colonel and a priest and he and the others are preparing to battle the Spanish troops. They...

(The entire section is 433 words.)