What are Canada's plans for the long gun registry?

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The Long-Gun Registry is part of the Canadian Firearms Registry, which requires all Canadian citizens to register their firearms or face legal charges. The Long-Gun Registry is a controversial issue in Canada; opponents say it has no effect on gun safety, while proponents say it is vital to law enforcement.

While the Registry is still in effect, the Canadian federal government has allowed amnesty for lawful citizens who have not registered their long guns; this amnesty is set to expire in 2013, at which point the registry laws will remain in effect. However, more recently legislation was passed to begin eliminating the Long-Gun Registry entirely, which would allow citizens to continue owning their rifles and shotguns without registration or fear of legal repercussions. As of 2012, the province of Quebec has blocked the federal government from eliminating the Long-Gun Registry, since it wants to use existing data to create its own registry; the data will be destroyed when the law is eliminated. In June of 2012, the Long-Gun Registry extension will run out, and the matter will likely be contested in court.

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