Campbell, John W(ood), Jr. Algis Budrys - Essay

Algis Budrys

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Recently,] Roger Elwood walked into a bookstore and was introduced to an old friend of John Campbell's…. [During the course of the conversation] it developed there were three hitherto unheard-of, unpublished, forty-year-old JWC, Jr. novellas. The guess was they had probably been intended for Hugo Gernsback and shelved when Campbell was hired by Astounding….

The novellas are Marooned, All, and The Space Beyond. They are now out, under a nice Sternback astronomical painting, as The Space Beyond,… and represent the most important SF event ever made available for … [the price]. (p. 27)

The writing is pure pre-Stuart Campbell, right down to the...

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