Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

The novels of Camilo José Cela (SAY-lah) constitute but a fraction of his literary production. He excelled as a short-story writer and author of travel books, having published more than half a dozen volumes in each of these genres. Esas nubes que pasan (1945; passing clouds) contains twelve tales previously published in periodicals. It was followed by El bonito crimen del carabinero y otras invenciones (1947; the patrolman’s nice crime and other inventions), El gallego y su cuadrilla (1949; the Galician and his team), Baraja de invenciones (1953; deck of inventions), El molino de viento (1956; the windmill), Gavilla de fábulas sin amor (1962; bag of loveless fables), Once cuentos de fútbol (1963; eleven soccer tales), and others.

Cela’s early travel books were superior to the later ones, the better ones including Viaje a la Alcarria (1948; Journey to Alcarria, 1964), Del Miño al Bidasoa (1952; from the Miño to the Bidasoa), Judíos, moros, y cristianos (1956; Jews, Moors, and Christians), Primer viaje andaluz (1959; first Andalusian trip), Viaje al Pirineo de Lérida (1965; trip to the Lérida Pyrenees), Páginas de geografía errabunda (1965; pages of vagabond geography), and Viaje a U.S.A. (1967; trip to the U.S.).

Cela has many volumes of essays to his credit, including Mesa revuelta (1945;...

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