by Alexandre Dumas fils

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Characters Discussed

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Camille Gautier

Camille Gautier (kah-MEEL goh-TYAY), a poor needleworker who becomes a notorious courtesan. She passes up a chance to become mistress to Count de Varville because she loves a younger man, Armand Duval, for whom she leaves the gaiety of Paris to live in the country. For her lover’s sake, she finally leaves him because her liaison is hurting his family. He believes until she is dying that she has left him because she is fickle. Her symbol is a camellia.

Count de Varville

Count de Varville (vahr-VEEL), a French nobleman in love with Camille. He offers to pay all her debts if she becomes his mistress. He becomes her lover after she leaves Armand Duval. He and Armand fight a duel, in which the count is wounded.

Armand Duval

Armand Duval (ahr-MAHN dew-VAHL), a young man who has nothing but love to offer Camille. They become lovers. He thinks she has deserted him, until on her deathbed she tells him she left him for his own good and that of his family.

M. Duval

M. Duval, Armand’s father. He pleads with Camille to leave his son so that Armand and his family will not suffer in their reputations.

Mme Prudence

Mme Prudence, a milliner, Camille’s friend. She introduces Armand to Camille.


Nanine (nah-NEEN), Camille’s faithful maid.

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