Camille Pissarro Camille Pissarro
by Joachim Pissarro

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Camille Pissarro

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Joachim Pissarro is the great-grandson of Camille Pissarro. A graduate of the Sorbonne and the Courtauld Institute, the author has previously published MONET’S CATHEDRAL: ROUEN 1892-1894 (1990). He also divides his time between curating and writing articles. With the eye of a trained art historian, Joachim Pissarro has diligently and authoritatively organized Pissarro’s creative periods in such a way as to illuminate how he was influenced by the trends of the times and, therefore, how he grew as an artist. The author’s approach is always to the point and always engaging. The introduction speaks to how the artist exercised his capacity for innovation and a grand passion for painting. More than three hundred paintings are reproduced in this volume, 205 in color.

The text perfectly complements the reproductions. A fine overview is included that is both erudite and clearly written, but the author does not stop there; in addition, he presents sound analysis of Pissarro’s technique. Whereas the first six chapters progress in chronological order, the last five chapters discuss individual genres, such as market scenes, still lifes, and portraits. The volume concludes with notes, a selected bibliography, and an index. CAMILLE PISSARRO does justice to its subject: Pissarro’s strengths as an artist and a man are fully apparent in this beautiful volume.