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Calypso Summary

Calypso is a series of essays by David Sedaris about his family, the new beach house he and his husband purchased, and how they're all coping with aging, death, and current events.

Company Man talks about reaching middle age and how one of the only real perks is getting a guest room. He talks about how he got one when he and Hugh upgraded to a bigger house—and he has two guest rooms now. However, they attract guests.

Now We Are Five talks about the suicide of his youngest sister in 2013. He says it affected his sense of identity.

Little Guy is about Google personalization, Rock Hudson, and David's life as a shorter man. He didn't like being described as slight and effeminate by a journalist.

Stepping Out talks about his Fitbit and how he likes to push himself harder to get more steps.

A House Divided talks about travel and the beach house.

The Perfect Fit is about clothes and relationships between the siblings.

Leviathan talks about how people change their diets in crazy ways when they get older. For example, his brother says that apricot seeds prevent cancer.

Your English Is So Good talks about the Pimsleur foreign language course and communication while traveling in other countries.

Calypso discusses how there's always something to be afraid of—like SARS. Sedaris also says that he wants to feed a tumor he's having removed to a turtle.

A Modest Proposal talks about gay marriage legalization and Sedaris's choice to marry Hugh.

The Silent Treatment talks about his difficulty in communicating with his father.

Untamed talks about a fox named Carol that Sedaris fed and eventually lost.

The One(s) Who Got Away details a quick conversation Sedaris had with his husband about how many people they'd slept...

(The entire section is 449 words.)