Callimachus Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Bulloch, Anthony W. "The Future of a Hellenistic Illusion: Some Observations on Callimachus and Religion." Museum Helveticum, Vol. 41, No. 4, October, 1984, pp. 209-30.

Addresses the "sense of paradox and even puzzlement" readers often have in response to Callimachus's religious poetry in order to work out some of the complexities in the Hellenistic view of the human rulers' relationship to the gods.

Bundy, Elroy L. "The 'Quarrel between Kallimachos and Apollonios' Part I: The Epilogue of Kallimachos's Hymn to Apollo." California Studies in Classical Antiquity, Vol. 5, 1972, pp. 39-94.

Uses the ambiguity of Callimachus's feud with Apollonius and a careful examination of language to demonstrate the hymn's "artistic integrity."

Cameron, Alan. Callimachus and his Critics. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995. 534 p.

An exhaustive overview of Callimachus's work, the work of his contemporaries, and the critical discussion that has surrounded Hellenistic poetry.

Dawson, Christopher M. "The Iambi of Callimachus. A Hellenistic Poet's Experimental Laboratory." Yale Classical Studies, edited by Harry M. Hubbell, Vol. 11, 1950, pp. 1-168.

Comments exhaustively on each of the Iambi, the history of the manuscripts, and suggests a possible "coherent view of the Iambi as a whole."

Hutchinson, G. O. "Callimachus." In Hellenistic Poetry. Oxford: Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1988, pp. 26-84.

Refutes some of the common criticisms of Callimachus and concludes instead that the poet used his scholarship toward a dramatic and effective purpose.

Klein, T. M. "The Role of Calllimachus in the Development of the Concept of the Counter-Genre." Latomus, Vol. XXXIII, No. 2, April-June, 1974, pp. 217-31.

Considers Callimachus's place in the discussions of philosophy of his age, particularly as they relate to his ideas about epic.

Mair, A. W. "Callimachus." In Callimachus, Hymns and Epigrams, translated by A. W. Mair. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1955, pp. 1-33.

Introduces his translation with information about Callimachus's life and the manuscript of the Hymns. Also provides commentary on the Hymns, including a synopsis of each, and a summary of the critical history.

Zanker, G. "Callimachus's Hecale: A New Kind of Epic Hero?" Antichthon, Vol. 11, 1977, pp. 68-77.

Analyses Hecale as a "break with the whole of Greek epic tradition," specifically by virtue of Callimachus's focus on the life of an ordinary woman and the "subtle and restrained" language he chose for the portrayal.