Callanetics Summary
by Callan Pinckney

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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The normal aging process brings with it certain figure changes (such as the drooping of one’s buttocks from peach shape to pear shape) that most excercises and sports activities will not remedy. Callanetics, the author claims, will lift and firm these sagging, flabby muscles to make the body appear trim and lithe, firm and youthful.

The appeal of the program is in its speedy delivery of results, which the author says will be noticeable in as little as two hours. The book includes unretouched photos of bodies “before” and “after” these exercises. These unattractive photos show mounds of flesh bulging and sagging over too-tight bikinis, G-strings, and athletic supporters. It is hard to distinguish any change in some of the photos taken after just a few classes, but the photos taken twenty classes apart do show a change for the better.

The author’s enthusiasm for her program is contagious. After reading only a few pages, one is anxious to get to the exercises and start to work miracles on one’s own body. The exercises appear simple but are actually hard to do. Considerable self-motivation will be required in order to complete ten hours of them. The author notes that it is all right to rest the body at any time, then to resume where one stopped in order to do all the repetitions required. The novice will notice that stopping to relax adds considerably to the time that the program is supposed to require, plus figuring out the proper execution of each exercise takes time, so that the claim of looking “10 years younger in 10 hours” may be overly optimistic for many people.

In order to convince the skeptic that this exercise program is really worth trying, the publisher includes with the book a money-back guarantee.