Call Me By Your Name Summary
by André Aciman

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Call Me By Your Name Summary

Call by Me Your Name by Andre Aciman is a romantic novel about the relationship between Elio, a teenage boy, and Oliver, a 24-year-old doctoral student and writer who is a guest at Elio's family mansion. The story is set in Italy. Elio’s family is wealthy and resides in a villa where they host a doctoral student every summer. The romance between the two main characters lasts for barely six weeks, but it is characterized by passion and desire.

Elio has romantic and sexual fantasies about Oliver. The author reveals the most private thoughts of the two characters and the subsequent emotions that they stimulate. Because of the strong attraction they have for each other, the two discover that they are meant to be together and may never find total intimacy anywhere else.

Elio is attracted to women, but when he meets Oliver, he becomes fascinated by him. They start swimming and jogging together. During their encounters, Elio feels the urge to touch Oliver. He is curious about Oliver’s interactions with other people and his whereabouts. The author reveals Elio’s obsession with Oliver and his desire to control him. At one point, he becomes jealous when Oliver develops an interest in another girl.