Call It Courage Topics for Discussion
by Armstrong Sperry

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. What events in Mafatu's life cause him to develop his courage? What opposite effect could such events have?

2. How does Uri influence the development of Mafatu's courage?

3. Describe the moment in the book when Mafatu finally begins to have confidence in himself.

4. Call It Courage ends with the same paragraph with which it begins except for the omission of the last line. What is the significance of this line? What does its omission at the end reveal about Mafatu's character?

5. What are the various ways in which the author reveals the character of Mafatu?

6. What techniques does the author use to make the reader feel that the sea is more than a setting? Are these techniques used elsewhere in the story?

7. Could one of the other Polynesian boys have taken care of himself on the island as well as Mafatu does? What skills aided Mafatu's survival?