What are the criticisms of the book Caleb's Crossing?

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If you are asking why people would object to this book, I can think of some reasons.  It might be seen as a negative portrayal of Native Americans.  There is also some questioning of religion going on, which often upsets people.

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The answer to this question is simple: it is a bad book because you did not enjoy it.

Believe it or not, that is the only requirement for a book to be subjectively good or bad; literary merits (based on the opinions of others) aside, you -- the individual -- are the only arbiter of what you personally find enjoyable.

Now, for someone else, this may have been an amazing book -- but you are not that other person. As the previous poster mentions, some aspect of the book may have disappointed you; you might have been looking for some other type of story; perhaps the characters were not sympathetic; perhaps the story, or the writing itself, was flat or just plain uninteresting.

It happens. I dislike many books that are considered literary classics. The enjoyment of a book -- like almost any entertainment -- is entirely subjective. If you want to judge a book objectively, you need to put aside every personal opinion and examine the book based solely on some undefinable standard for "a good book." This, to be frank, is almost impossible. Instead, try to focus on what qualities you enjoy in a book, and then seek out similar books.

Much has been written about what constitutes a "good" book in quality or in merit. Few of these are objective in themselves.

I haven't read Caleb's Crossing, so I can't comment on the book itself, or on the author.

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Only you can answer that question because other readers have enjoyed this book and consider it a good read. The quality of any literary work, be it a novel, short story, poem, or play is truly in the eye of the beholder. You must consider what constitutes a good novel -  a good read - according to your literary preferences.

Maybe you did not enjoy the historical aspect of this work. Possibly you could not relate to the story that the writer conveyed - its circumstances and situations and points of view. In addition, the themes in the novel may not have been to your taste. Concerning the mechanics of the novel, maybe the writer's style did not jive with the style that you enjoy; a style that makes reading enjoyable for you and keeps you interested and engaged in the story.

Furthermore, maybe the characters in the novel were not interesting or inspiring to you. In the end, it's a matter of personal preferences and you have every right to call the book bad. Many others may agree with you, and just as many others may not. Therefore, the book is bad in your opinion because it failed to satisfy the requirements you have for literary works to be called good.

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