Places Discussed

(Critical Guide to Settings and Places in Literature)

Lands outside paradise

Lands outside paradise. Complaining that his father has been tamed and his mother has forsaken the desire for knowledge that led to her exile from Eden, Cain agrees to go with Lucifer on a tour of the places that will give him the knowledge denied him by God. Lucifer convinces Cain that any place outside paradise is a place of human ignorance. By accompanying him, Lucifer suggests, Cain can satisfy his quest to learn the “mystery of my being.”

Abyss of space

Abyss of space. Lucifer calls infinite space the “phantasm of the world; of which thy world/ Is but the wreck.” The abyss of space represents all places prohibited to man by God but which Lucifer can show to Cain.


Hades (hay-deez). Underworld that Lucifer shows to Cain to prove God’s hatred of man. In Hades, many “good, great, glorious things” have been taken from the earth, just as Cain and his family will be taken when they die. For Cain, this knowledge of Hades confirms Lucifer’s condemnation of God. Lucifer urges that Cain associate his well-being not with an actual place but rather with “an inner world” composed of his own thoughts.


*Earth. Region outside Eden to which Cain returns from Hades. He is enraged that his brother still worships a vengeful God who will continue to punish generations of innocent humans. He tells his sister Adah he has seen worlds closed both to humans and to God’s light. To Cain the earth seems merely a place of dust and toil. Angry that his brother Abel should still want to appease a bloodthirsty God, Cain strikes and kills him. Not only has Cain lost his place in the family, he must travel even farther away from Eden; he is truly a man without a place.