Characters Discussed

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Adam, the first man. He orders Cain to leave the family after the murder of Abel.


Eve, Adam’s wife, the first woman. Because she was bitter at the expulsion from Eden, Cain blames her for his undying bitterness against God and death and claims that this bitterness was transmitted to him before birth.


Cain, Adam’s elder son. He refuses to pray because of the expulsion from Eden and is sullen at the loss of immortality. He hates work and doubts God’s goodness. Tempted, he follows Lucifer and expresses a wish to remain in Hades. Jealous of his brother Abel, Cain strikes him a blow, killing him. Marked by an angel, Cain leaves his family. Destined to grow no living thing, he is a bitter man.


Abel, Cain’s young brother and victim. He is a good man who worships God sincerely. He is killed for telling Cain that he loves God more than life.


Adah, Cain’s wife. She tries to keep her husband from following Lucifer to Hades. When her husband is banished from the family, she accompanies him, taking their children. She is a faithful wife.


Zillah, Abel’s wife, a good woman.


Lucifer, the fallen angel. He says he did not appear as a snake to tempt Eve. He exults that Cain shares his misery.


Enoch, the son of Cain and Adah.

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