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Characters Discussed

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Batiste Borrull

Batiste Borrull (bah-TEES-teh bohr-RREWL), a tenant farmer near Valencia, Spain, who vainly fights public opinion.


Roseta (roh-SEH-tah), his daughter, a worker in a Valencia silk mill.

The Bishop

The Bishop, his chubby youngest son, who dies from exposure after being beaten and thrown into a water-filled ditch by his schoolmates.


Pimentó (pee-mehn-TOH), the community bully, fatally wounded by Borrull.


Pepeta (peh-PEH-tah), Pimentó’s anemic but hard-working wife.


Barret (bah-RREHT), the previous occupant of the Cabin, evicted for nonpayment of rent. He murders his landlord, Don Salvador.


Rosario (roh-SAHR-ee-oh), one of Barret’s three daughters, all of whom end up as prostitutes.

Don Salvador

Don Salvador, a greedy landowner and usurer.

The Sons of Salvador

The Sons of Salvador, who continue their father’s evil practices.


Joaquín (wah-KEEN), a schoolteacher.


Tonet (toh-NEHT), in love with Rosario.

Old Tomba

Old Tomba (TOHM-bah), a blind shepherd and prophet of doom.

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