C.S. Lewis Quiz

How much do you know about the author of The Chronicles of Narnia? Take the C.S. Lewis quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the English novelist and theologian.

  1. Lewis died on November 22, 1963, the same day that _____________ died.

  2. What does the "C" in C.S. stand for?

  3. Which of Lewis's works did he say was his least favorite to write?

  4. What image did Lewis say often appeared in his dreams?

  5. Lewis never learned how to ____________.

  6. Aslan is Turkish for ____________.

  7. What topic is never mentioned in Lewis's work Mere Christianity?

  8. Where was Lewis born?

  9. True or False: Lewis was both a smoker and a drinker

  10. When he was just four, Lewis told his family he wanted to be called __________.