C(ourtlandt) D(ixon) B(arnes) Bryan Diane Johnson - Essay

Diane Johnson

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Friendly Fire is an] interesting work, which is concerned, finally, with more than just whether the army misled grieving American parents from a wish to conceal its own errors, or simply through the ineptness and bureaucratic insensitivity which the author sees as characteristic of war; or whether the judgment of the parents was distorted beyond reason by their sorrow. From the interaction of the reporter, C.D.B. Bryan, the Mullens, and the military, there emerges a significant and subtle reflection on the moral conditions of the society which produced, and variously tolerated or rejected, the war in Vietnam. (p. 41)

C.D.B. Bryan wrote the Mullens' story because, concerned about Vietnam, he...

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