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THE TIMES, london

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[Fable] is a Marxist object lesson on a Christian theme. A newly converted lion and a polemical jackal discuss the pros and cons of slaying an antelope. Since the Bible teaches that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generations, the hungry lion feels free to stalk his prey. He promptly gets a spear in the chest and learns that while his grandchildren may pay for his sins he is squaring accounts run up by his forefathers. The play takes the form of a twee demonstration, and the moral is too over-simplified for its intellectual content to be taken seriously. It is fiendishly over-played and over-pointed, which only accentuates its slimness.

"Three Novelties in New Studio Theatre," in The Times, London (© Times Newspapers Limited 1965), October 1, 1965, p. 15 A.∗

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THE TIMES, london


THE TIMES, london