Why is social media important for business?

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Social media is important for business in two main ways.  In both, it can be part of a business’s marketing strategy.

On the one hand, social media can be important because a business can have a social media presence.  It can use that presence to help market itself.  The business can have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed on which it posts information, answers questions, and responds to comments from customers.  The social media presence makes customers and potential customers more aware of the business.  It can also improve the business’s image in the minds of customers.

On the other hand, the social media are important to businesses because customers use social media and might talk about the business on their own.  It is useful for businesses to have some strategy for getting customers to talk about them positively on social media.  For example, some businesses in the US send free samples to people that they have identified as opinion leaders.  They hope that those people will test the samples and will then post about them on social media.   If they do so, it can help the firm’s image.

Both of these are ways in which social media is important for a business.

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