Which of the following is MOST likely to be obtained as secondary data for your research?

A) Buyer’s purchase intention

B) Employee behaviors

C) National income levels

D) Employer’s attitudes and opinions

Expert Answers

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The answer to this question could conceivably differ depending on the type of research one is doing.  However, if we look at the four options, there is one option that is clearly different from all the others.  That option is Option C.  For most types of business or marketing research, Option C would be the sort of data that would most likely be obtained as secondary data.

To see why this is so, let us first remember what the distinction between primary and secondary data is.  Primary data is data that the researcher obtains first-hand.  This is data that the researcher’s own research uncovers for the first time.  This is in contrast to secondary data, which is gleaned from the results of other people’s research. 

Looking at the options given, it is clear that Option C is the right answer.  A person doing business or marketing research is not going to be conducting their own surveys to determine national income levels.  That would be very difficult to do and is, in any case, likely to have already been done by the Census Bureau or other government agency.  This makes Option C the right answer.

The other three options are the sorts of things that would be very likely to come from someone’s own research undertaken specifically for a given firm.  These are data that would be specific to a given firm and would therefore not have already been found by someone else’s research.  Therefore, all of the other options are likely to be obtained as part of primary data. 

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