Will interpersonal skills be equally important if a team is organized face to face or if it is a virtual team?

You are a potential member of a team responsible for designing a new package for a breakfast cereal. 


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These two sorts of teams would require different interpersonal skills.  Interpersonal skills are important in both cases, but they are different sorts of interpersonal skills.

In a face to face team, the skills needed have to do with talking, listening, and body language.  Each team member needs to be able to have decent verbal skills to get their point across in an effective way.  They need to be able to listen well so they can truly understand what the other team members are saying.  Their listening skills and their ability to have positive body language will increase morale on their team by making other people feel valued.  All of these are interpersonal skills.

In a virtual team, these skills are not important.  All of the communication will be written.  Here, the interpersonal skills have to do with the ability to write effectively in communications to other people.  Team members need to be able to carefully consider how their words will come across to those who read them.  This is an interpersonal skill, but it is very different than those needed to do well on a face to face team.

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