In what ways do barriers to interpersonal communication interfere with development of diversity competency?

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Barriers to improving diversity competency through communication may arise through multiple channels. Barriers may exist because of cultural differences, training effectiveness for all employees, lack of mentors, communication channels, jargon and slang, and not following business principles. 

In order to overcome the barriers to communicating effectively in a diverse environment, an organization should implement a communication strategy. First, an organization should identify what diversity means and what cultural differences exist in the organization. Providing too much information can sometimes hinder rather than help effective training programs. Choosing the right messenger, or mentor, for different groups of employees may also break down communication barriers. Verbal and nonverbal messages may also prevent diversity competency in an organization. Reducing jargon in company information and ensuring employees are aware that cultural competency is importance to the organization is a good start. 

Other methods of improving cultural competency include educating managers and addressing diversity concerns immediately, rather than letting them fester. 

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