What does the term "service culture" mean? How do companies develop a service culture? Please cite sources!

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A service culture involves training and rewarding an organization's employees for creating a culture that puts customers first. In an organization with a service culture, employees who interact with customers prioritize the customers' needs, and other employees work to improve customer service. 

To create a service culture, organizations must measure customers' satisfaction as a routine way of doing business and make sure that everyone in the organization knows the results. In addition, the organization must clarify the standards of customer service that employees are expected to deliver and explain why customer service is vital to the organization's success. Organizations need to connect good customer service to the goals of the organization and create a sense of communal responsibility for creating good customer service. That is, employees must be trained as soon as they are hired in the importance of customer service and accept that it is everyone's responsibility. Organizations should communicate to employees examples of people who carry out good customer service and reward employees who deliver good customer service.


"Eight Keys to Creating a Customer Service Culture" by Peggy Morrow. Inc. online. https://www.inc.com/articles/2000/08/20028.html.

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