What is the reason behind the need for a code of conduct to be a standard for employees?

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A code of conduct that is standard for all employees is important for a company so that all of its employees can know what sort of behaviors are expected of them.  This makes the company run much more smoothly as there is much less confusion as to what sort of behavior is acceptable.

A code of conduct in an employee manual will need to touch on how employees should behave when they are in contact with (or even in view of) customers.  This is important to a company because its employees’ behaviors will have a great deal to do with how customers perceive the company.  If you go to a restaurant, for example, and see workers outside the front door smoking, you might have a bad image of the restaurant.  If a cashier at a store is talking on their cell phone, you will not feel good about the store’s quality of service. 

It is also beneficial if the code of conduct touches on how employees are to behave towards one another.  If a firm lacks such a code, the workplace may be less efficient than it could be.  There will be more discord among employees.  There may even be insubordinate behavior.  There is a need for a code of conduct that clearly prohibits behaviors that detract from workplace efficiency.

Codes of conduct, then, are important to regulate employee behavior both in and out of the public eye.

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