What is Nike's mission statement and core values?


- Mission of the company; its reason for existence 

- Include the company’s core values (if available) and at least one example of how they have demonstrated these values in the past.

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Nike does have a mission statement, but it does not appear to have a formal set of core values that can be easily found on its website.  To answer this question, I will give Nike’s formal mission statement, along with some general goals that can be likened to core values.  I will then look at one way in which Nike has tried to live up to those goals/values.

Nike’s official mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.”  The asterisk is there for a reason.  It directs us to a statement by Bill Bowerman, who helped to found Nike and was the track and field coach for the University of Oregon.  He says “if you have a body, you are an athlete.”  This statement by Bowerman can be seen as part of Nike’s mission statement.

Again, Nike does not seem to have official core values.  However, we can see in this link that Nike wants “to deliver growth in the right way.”  Nike wants its growth to be sustainable, profitable, capital-efficient, and brand-enhancing.  We can see this as something of a statement of core values.  This is especially true of the idea that the growth should be sustainable and brand-enhancing.

For a long time, Nike’s growth was harming its brand.  It was not acting in ways that were sustainable (if we consider fairness to be part of sustainability).  Nike was getting a very bad name due to its use of sweatshops.  Since the mid-to-late 1990s, Nike has taken actions that were aimed at making their growth more sustainable and brand-enhancing.  It helped to create the Fair Labor Association.  It started to do audits of all of its factories world-wide.  It became more transparent, publishing complete lists of the factories where it did business.  All of these things allowed Nike to become much fairer and more sustainable in its business practices.  This helped it to enhance its brand.

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