What is an example of a misleading or bogus site or advertisement that involves phony journalism, phony degrees, or counterfeit websites?

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The website at the following link:


is a counterfeit website. It purports to be a website for RYT Hospital, Dwayne Medical Center, and it runs an ad for Rivitalex, which is not a real pharmaceutical. None of the links on the site work, either, as it's counterfeit. This site is just a parody, or spoof, and it does not sell products.

Another counterfeit site, mentioned on the A Secure Life site (see the link below), is a site that purported to be the Michael Kors site. It was actually www.newperfectstyle.com and featured the Michael Kors logo. This site sold counterfeit Michael Kors products. This site is now shut down, but there are several sites on the Internet that sell counterfeit goods. The story on ABC news (see the link below) reports on the prevalence of counterfeit websites that look as good—if not better—than the actual sites. Be sure that if you are on a website, it is the actual manufacturer's site, often bearing a padlock sign on your browser, instead of that of a counterfeit site. 

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