What is the meaning of the cartoon regarding the Toyota Recall scandal, shown below?


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The cartoon details the growing concerns about the Toyota car.  Over the last half decade, concerns have grown about Toyota cars.  From glitches with the power windows to unintended acceleration issues, Toyota's safety record has not been very stellar in the recent past.  Issues with Toyota cars can result in unintended fires and sudden change in driving conditions that can result in dangerous situations for occupants of the Toyota vehicle.  It is in this light that the political cartoon satirizes this.  The idea of the crash test dummy is one that makes sense.  The crash test dummy is designed to be inserted into a car to simulate potential areas for safety reconsideration and design implications.  When the crash test dummy, whose very purpose is to be involved in high speed crashes, refuses to enter a Toyota vehicle, it speaks volumes about where the public perception of Toyota safety resides.  Even the crash test dummy does not want to enter the Toyota vehicle.  In the end, the cartoon speaks to how the public perception of Toyota is one of skepticism when it comes to safety, something that even the crash test dummy knows fairly well when it rejects the prospect of entering a Toyota.

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