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What is the difference between job analysis and job description?

Also, please explain job design?

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Job analysis, job description, and job design are all important components related to a given job. Job analysis is a study of all of the factors or components related to a specific job. This analysis includes, but is not limited to, the qualifications of the people needed to complete the job, the materials and resources needed for the job, the length of time needed to complete the job, and the total cost for the job.

Job design comes after job analysis. It takes the responsibilities and requirements for a job and integrates them so the job can be properly completed. Then, the best people are hired to do the work.

A job description explains to a job seeker what a given job requires. It tells a person what the minimum qualifications are for the job. It also explains what the person would be doing if that person was hired for the job. It might also explain what the pay, hours, and benefits are for the job.

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A job analysis is the act of collecting the information one would need to determine what is needed to complete a job and the steps involved in that completion.  To effectively analyze a job one would need to know how long it takes to complete a job, what specific tasks are needed to achieve the goals, what are the goals and what type of employee might fit that need.  A job description, on the other hand, describes, or lists the specific requirements for a specific job.  The employee would be given the job description so they would know exactly what is expected of them.  They would be told the goals, the work hours, the required tasks to complete and how they would be compensated.   The job design adds together the needs of the company with the needs of the employee.  The design is what makes the product successful and the worker more efficient.  The person in charge of the job design would be responsible for the company needs of hiring, training and employee review.

"Job analysis is the term used to describe the process of analyzing a job or occupation into its various components, that is, organizational structure, work activities, and informational content."

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