Is product the most important element in the marketing mix? Justify your answer.

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The answer to this question is subjective; therefore, it is up to individual opinion. The "marketing mix" refers to the actions and tactics that a company will use to promote and hopefully sell its brand/product. The marketing mix is conveniently composed of something called the "4Ps." Those "Ps" are "price," "product," "promotion," and "place." Price refers to the value that is put on the product. It's a complicated number to arrive at because it is influenced by production costs, supply and demand, and a bunch of other factors. Product refers to the actual item being sold. Place refers to where the product is placed in regards to a population of people or even the location within a store. Promotion refers to any of the steps taken to make the product known to consumers. I would support the statement that product is the most important part of the marketing mix because a junk product will eventually affect longevity of potential sales. If people become aware of the product being a poor product, then word of mouth promotion begins to work against the product. Once that happens, placement is next to irrelevant. Price won't matter much either. If the product is terrible, cheap and easy access won't necessarily sell it.

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