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Please write an abstract about human resource management ethics. Also, what human resources have issues on ethic?

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The term "human resource management" has two potential meanings: it can refer to the department of Human Resources, which is typically a unit within a business that manages all the people who work for the business, or it can refer to the duties of that department. Human resource management first came around in the 1960s, when the term itself became popularly used. It was a time when labor rights became a pivotal movement in business, and employees and employers alike began to give value to various ideas and concepts that businesses today can’t function without, such as motivation, recruitment, training programs, and compensation.

Human resource management includes the creation of agendas that are primarily developed to help the efficiency and effectiveness of a certain business or businesses. It also focuses on promoting synergy, a well-organized work environment, and good employee/employer relations. A human resource manager is responsible for recruiting and managing employees, defining their work program, and taking care of their finances and compensation. Basically, with increasing the efficiency of workers and promoting their growth in the business (as well as improving their performance), human resource managers manage to boost the productivity of the company.

Ethics play a pivotal part of any well-organized and well-developed business. Human recourse managers try to answer many ethical questions and problems that, if left unsolved, can damage the stability and functionality of any business, no matter how big or small.

Some of these include legal troubles; for instance, employees can file a complaint for being discriminated against. Because of this, it is important to have a good ethics program in every company that the employees can follow and thus become familiarized with the problems they might face in the work environment.

Other ethical obstacles that a company can face include having a bad reputation, which would result in lower interest of potential employees. This is why it is of utmost importance for a company to ensure that its employees have the best and most professional work environment that follows all the modern guidelines for proper business management.
Another ethical problem might be the allegiance of the employees. If the employees are satisfied with everything the firm has to offer, then they will be loyal to the company they work for and will gladly work in order to maximize its success. This would result in a good reputation and attract many potential partners, clients, and future employees.

Even though the business climate is ever changing, it is highly unlikely that human resource management will change its properties and functions, and it will remain to promote the best programs and guidelines for employees and employers alike.

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