Management is more of human activity.  Discuss.

go beyond what text books suggest

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There is a concept called "lean thinking" which was recently applied to a corporation which was considered to be one of best in quality management. This concept of "lean thinking" refers to stepping beyond the paradigm of "production" and focusing on the relations of the management to worker, and worker to customer to establish a strong relationship among the three.

This is how management ends up being more of a human activity: When a vision and mission are established in an organization, it is the supervisory staff which also settles how the approaches will be put in place to accomplish the organizational goals.

It is the people, also, who put them in place, and it is the people who decide how much of "themselves" they are going to put in the process to ensure quality. In the case of the company that I mentioned previously, they applied all this to their "lean thinking" method as a way to motivate the employees to provide the best quality service possible.

It is indeed the people who make and direct the management, and it is the human factor which ensures success. More on the "lean thinking" paradigm on the link provided.

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