Identify the key deliverables in core banking solution


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The Core Banking Solution (CBS) is a software platform that improves the banking experience by integrating nearly all aspects of the banking process into a central system. Think of it as the "central nervous system" of a bank. This allows customers to access services regardless of the location of their bank's branches, an incredibly important factor given today's global economy. It is also automated, allowing data to be merged into one system and accessed when needed, while also reducing human error and reducing costs. In these systems, front-end infrastructure (ATMs, mobile and web banking, individual branches) are integrated into a back-end central data server. Given their technological advancement, CBS platforms offer multiple benefits including adaptability, scalability, improved customer experience, and regulatory compliance when compared to "legacy" banking systems that were largely localized to individual branches.

To evaluate the key deliverables in a core banking solution, it is first helpful to define a "deliverable". Deliverables can be tangible or intangible goods or services delivered to a customer as an output of a product or project. In the case of CBS systems, key deliverables include the physical server and network infrastructure (application server, ATM server, proxy server, mobile banking server, etc.) as well as the measurable consumer benefits (improved customer service and ease-of-use and readily available financial/business analyses).

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