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How have global information technologies have evolved over time, how can they help in global business?

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Global information technologies have evolved from the telephone and the fax machine to the internet. The internet offers numerous tools that can help global businesses communicate, expand, and process large quantities of data.

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Global information technologies have evolved to such an extent that almost any business can start as a global business. The development of the internet has made it possible for a company to have a worldwide market from its inception. Someone can open a shop on Etsy or a business on Shopify and immediately have the resources to reach an international market.

Of course, the internet is comprised of a host of specific technologies and tools. Through video conferencing, businesses can have meetings with people at different locations across the world. With messaging services and email, a business can maintain contact with the necessary people regardless of where they are on the globe.

Before the internet, businesses had the means to communicate internationally, but the information that could be transmitted was limited and required greater effort. Businesses could use the telegraph, and later on, telephones and fax machines to communicate and relay important information. However, such technologies required additional investment, and one could not send large quantities of information with the ease of a couple of clicks or taps.

In a sense, the evolution of global information technologies and the advancement of digital technology go hand and hand. The relative accessibility of the internet, and its ability to track massive amounts of data and communicate with any number of players and entities, is crucial for global businesses of all stripes.

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