How has the technological trend in human resources affected human resources functions, and what is a situation that illustrates this trend?

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The technological trend in human resources (HR) has affected how it functions in terms of speed, cost, and miscommunication. With automation, HR departments can quickly respond to employees. If an employee needs sick time or an extended leave of absence, an employee can make a request using self-service options. They can submit their claims through their company's streamlined, automated HR technology.

Automated technologies relieve HR departments of certain responsibilities and allow HR members to focus on different issues. Additionally, HR automation can help companies limit costs and grow the workforce. A company can add employees without expanding its HR department.

In some situations, the technological trend in HR has arguably caused HR to function poorly. If a company shrinks its HR staff, there are fewer people around for employees to consult. If the automated systems make a mistake, employees might experience difficulty contacting someone who can correct the error.

Amazon has automated its HR resources to increase its labor pool and profits. Many Amazon employees have experienced problems with the automated mechanisms. One Amazon employee, Tony Banks, contracted COVID-19 and had to lengthen his medical leave. Yet Amazon’s automated HR tools determined that Banks was deserting his shifts. Banks received automatic termination notices. Banks’s situation, and the situation of other Amazon employees, illustrates how the technological trend in HR can result in miscommunication and critical mistakes.

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