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How has marketing changed since the early 1900's?

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Marketing has changed from the 1900’s because at that point there was not as much technology to reach masses of people. 

The mid nineteenth century resulted in the growth of factory production known as the Industrial Revolution.  It became possible to make goods faster and more inexpensively than ever before.  By the turn of the century, everything was about manufacturing.  The goal was to make it quick, and get it in the hands of the people.

Marketing fell mostly to local stores.  National companies began to use branding, including slogans, logos, and icons.  They used signs in local shops, as well as give-aways such as calendars.  Signs were given to shopkeepers, who put them up, and people began to come looking for specific brands.  Advertising in newspapers and magazines was also more and more common.  Soon radio could be used.

Today, consumers can be reached not just on the radio, but on the television and through social media.  Marketing has become more targeted, and companies are looking to get closer and closer to consumers.  It is less about making us much as you can cheaply as it is reaching as many customers as you can with your message, and hopefully your product.

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