Help me write a summary conclusion for these topics combined: 

The Topic- The Economic Impact of Wal-Mart locating in a Small Community

This is what I am writing about: Economic effects on local small business owners.  Economic effects on individual patrons. Economic effects on the local government. Economic effects on the local community as a whole.

Please help me write a conclusion with positive and negative affects on Wal-Mart locating in a small community.

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In order to write your conclusion, you first have to know what you have said in the rest of your paper.  As we do not know what you have said, it will be hard to write a conclusion.  Let me briefly go over what I would have said on these topics.

If Wal-Mart comes to a small community, it will clearly hurt local small business owners.  Wal-Mart can easily undersell local small businesses.  This tends to force those businesses to close.  A Wal-Mart in the community is very bad for local small business.

However, a Wal-Mart can be very good for local shoppers.  The main attraction of Wal-Mart is that it offers a wide variety of goods at the lowest possible prices.  This ends up being a good thing for the patrons of the store.  They end up being able to buy more things locally than they once did.  They also end up being able to buy the things they need at a lower price.  This helps them by effectively giving them more disposable income.

A Wal-Mart’s impact on local government is less clear.  Local governments typically get a lot of their revenue from sales taxes.  If the local Wal-Mart generates more money in sales (like if it draws people in from other nearby towns), it could actually generate more money for the city government.  At the very least, it should not result in less money in sales taxes. 

Finally, if we are looking at the impact on the whole community, it is very hard to know what that impact will be.  There are definitely downsides to having a Wal-Mart.  It can hurt all of the small stores in your downtown that make your town “livable” and inviting.  On the other hand, with the advent of internet shopping, it is hard to know if those shops would have survived anyway.  The Wal-Mart does bring lower prices and, perhaps, a wider variety of goods.

My conclusion would go over the main points of this discussion.  I would emphasize that it is very hard to know what the net effect of a Wal-Mart is.  I would talk about how it is good for some people and bad for others.  

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