Give three (3) examples of successful companies that have followed each strategy. Include descriptive examples demonstrating how this strategy was integrated, one (1) for each company. (globalization and regionalization)

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One of the most obvious examples of a successful company that has utilized a strategy of globalization is the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola was one of the first businesses to generate profit on a franchise-based model. Founded in 1892 by Asa G. Candler, the Coca-Cola Company was unique in that it gradually came to eschew the classic business practice of vertical integration that had made companies such as Ford and Standard Oil so globally successful. Instead, Coca-Cola outsourced almost all of its production. Bottling plants, sugar plantations, sources of water, and even the coca plant that went into the drink itself were left in the ownership of independent franchises across the world—in India, Columbia, and France, for example. In this way, Coca-Cola was able to operate globally with almost no overhead, as these independent franchises assumed responsibility for setbacks in their own sector of production. As a result, Coca-Cola was able to thrive as a middleman, and to this day, both its franchises and its product have saturated a global market.

An example of a successful regional business would be the Sheetz corporation. Even though Sheetz has local convenience stores across multiple states—Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina—we may consider it a regional business because its success has been tied into its ability to market itself as a representative of this particular area. Part of Sheetz's business model is to portray itself as a convenience store for the working men and women of the American midwest and Appalachia. For this reason, the company does not have branches further west; its marketing strategies are catered toward cultivating a consumer base that identifies with one particular region of the country. This is a regional approach, not a global approach, but Sheetz is still a multi-million dollar organization, which demonstrates that either model can be successful.

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